Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki surprises fans by opening new Pizza shop

With plenty of ventures outside of music in avenues of film, business and now food, Steve Aoki is a mogul of sorts. The artist has surprised fans all over the world with his newest venture of opening a pizza shop named Pizzaoki. With nothing but a site that has the words “coming soon”, the DJ’s cheesy website leaves us wondering when the announcement of an official opening will come.

With family roots in the food industry – Aoki’s father Hiroaki Aoki was successful American wrestler who made his way into the entrepreneurial business opening popular upscale Japanese chain Benihana – it wasn’t a surprise regarding Steve’s venture, but is more a question of the timing.

In film, the artist put together his award nominated and documentary, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. In business, the American musician has secured his label Dim Mak as one of the top destinations for up and coming artists to realize. On top of that, Aoki has continued to be a massive force when it comes to personal ventures and experiences, setting records for being the most travelled musician in a calendar year as well as solidifying his “#AokiJump” series via Instagram one of the most iconic destination/guest littered photo series for any musician, especially within the dance scene.

With plenty more sure to come from Aoki about his latest venture, maybe it will signal a slow in the artists constant touring schedule. Or potentially like his father, Steve plans to move into more of an entrepreneurial role following his music career. However it sets up for the dance music superstar, his recent documentary proves he still has plenty left in the tank to be settling, so maybe this is all just an attempt to establish Pizzaoki and solidify it off his EDM presence before his ship eventually sets sail. At 40 years old, certainly the amount of touring has started to add up for the road veteran. But until his next move we’ll just have to see. Keep up on all the info regarding Steve Aoki and his latest venture here at We Rave You.

Steve Aoki