The Daft Punk orchestra has announced its first show

Legendary french duo Daft Punk have garnered plenty of respect and admiration throughout the musical world and none may be quiet as infatuating than an orchestra tribute. That’s right, while the duo hasn’t released anything new in quite some time, there have been some major events pointing to an intimate Daft Punk orchestra performance in Glasgow. The announcement has been made that their first show will be held Thursday September 13th 2018 with the 13-piece orchestra performing their debut show at the city’s Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox.

The duo consisting of artists Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, were originally signed to Glasgow-based label Soma Records. The label which was founded in 1991 saw Daft Punk’s vinyl release of ‘Da Funk‘ just years later in 1995. The records sound, style, and flair promptly became a staple for Daft Punk, etching them in the history books and pushing them to the forefront of the emerging developing dance music scene.  The label was also home to several other influential dance artists per the times such as The Black Dog, Silicone Soul, Vector Lovers and more.

The event which was taken down off Facebook due to some logistical issues last read, “Lose yourself to dance and give life back to music as we re-work Daft Punk’s greatest hits.” With swelling orchestral versions to ‘Around the World‘, ‘Get Lucky‘, ‘One More Time‘ and several more anticipated the show surely has plenty of fans interested. While we’re not sure how the show will turn out, if you take a look back at Deadmau5’s 100% orchestral release of some of his previous tunes, ‘Where’s The Drop?‘ project, there’s certainly a lot of potential for the show to be a massive success. If you’re a Daft Punk fan, this may be your best opportunity to relive some classics with no show dates on the horizon for the duo. For updated details on the show, stay tuned!