Tiesto drops new 3-track big room EP for children’s movie

Whatever the genre, speed, or sound, you can guarantee that each time Tiësto releases a track that it’ll be pure magic. As his style has changed over the years, evolving and developing into a more main stream sound away from his earlier trance projects on which he built his name, Tijs Michiel Verwest‘s productions have cemented his position as one of electronic music’s all time legends. From iconic trance tracks like ‘Adagio For Strings‘ and ‘Traffic‘, to modern classics in ‘Red Lights‘ and ‘Secrets‘, his catalogue is both vast and packed with bangers. At 49 years old, Tiësto continues to conquer new heights, dominating festival main stages and spectacular residencies, and now he’s back with a fresh new big room EP.

The EP is not exactly a surprise given the rate that Tiësto creates and releases his tracks, however the purpose behind it may interest you. This new EP drops as part of the the sound track behind new children’s animated movie ‘Hotel Transylvania 3‘, and isn’t particularly what you’d expect. The 3-track EP is extremely heavy hitting, and full of hard beats and big drops. Though the movie is for children, these tracks appeal to all ages with their energetic feel. With years of experience under his belt, when Tiësto is asked to create tracks for something like this you can always be assured that he will deliver just what is needed and more.

Each of the three tracks will obviously fit into the film dynamic in some way, as that is their purpose. However, that does not detract from their ability to cause some carnage in a main stage set. All 3 tracks would slot into a Tiësto set quite easily, so be prepared to hear these fresh additions to his collection some time soon.

Check out all 3 tracks on Tiësto’s new big room EP for Hotel Transylvania here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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