Yann Sella – Turning Circles (feat. MANCHESTER RAIN)

The introduction of a new artist into your life can create great amounts of excitement, joy, and prosper for the future. Coming across an artist as they venture into the music scene and watching them go is truly rewarding, and you feel a part of that development. The name Yann Sella may mean nothing to you now, but be assured that the French producer will become one to watch for years to come. Bringing his new EP shortly, the first track ‘Turning Circles‘ has just dropped, and is blissful in its entirety.

With a sound resembling that of numerous Anjunadeep releases, Yann Sella has nailed every aspect of this track. The airy ambience that he creates intertwines with numerous pads, breath sounds, and atmospheric elements, before the soothing vocals of Manchester Rain provide the perfect lyrical addition to the build up. Synths are injected, the sound reduces, and almost cuts out entirely, giving the track atmosphere and suspense. The chilled out vibe continues right throughout, and as the track reaches its ‘drop’ phase, you can hear the potential in both the track itself and its extremely talented producer.

Hailing from Lyon in France, Yann Sella is relatively unknown, with only three tracks to date seeing an upload to Soundcloud. That being said, ‘Turning Circles‘ has already surpassed the success of his two previous tracks, and has all the makings of an impeccable ambient track. Words taken from Yann’s official website cover this track expertly:

Electronic, cinematic, ambient, experimental… There is a universe in this world where reality flies away, letting fiction and imagination take control of the mind.

There is a universe in this world where Yann Sella lives, and if you close your eyes and listen carefully, then maybe you can hear his long distance call, making his way through your reality…

An asset to his development, and certainly a track to put Yann Sella on the map, ‘Turning Circles‘ is produced expertly, and will officially be released on 8/8/18 via Subdust Music, as part of Yann’s EP ‘Existence’.

Check the track out for yourself here:

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