Afrojack & MC Ambush – Step Back

It’s admist the news of Afrojack releasing his new Press Play‘ EP that we take an adventure to listen through what we can only believe to be the EP’s lead single. Coming off a massive Tomorrowland showcasing new tunes, and putting on one memorable show for fans, Afrojack has taken a much more route one approach from his recent discography with his newest release ‘Step Back.‘  The high energy, festival ready tune featuring MC Ambush, has a familiar and signature 2010-11 Afrojack sound. Similar to his early work with ‘Bangduck‘, ‘Annie’s Theme‘, and more ‘Step Back‘ has an extremely reminiscent feel.

While much more evolved, the tune ultimately contains Afrojack’s uniquely repetitive and skippy lead synth. As the tune develops, the leads synth slowly slips into that of a hard trap lead without the harshness and grit behind the synth. The track exemplifies why Afrojack has had such a monumental and ever evolving career in the electronic music scene. While the dutch man is constant able to switch up his style and experiment in new genres with new collaborators, but at the end of the day the experienced producer always has the unique and grounded sound he came up on at his disposal.

In fact, his signature sound unlike many other artists “signature sounds” have rarely been replicated in any major discography, meaning not only does he have a particular sound at his ever ready disposal, but this specific sound has also never been compromised unlike several others. Needless to say, as a pioneer of this scene and genre on a global scale, it’s both delightful and nostalgic to dance fans everywhere to reminisce on what many deem the “golden age” of electronic music.

Check out Afrojack’s newest featuring MC Ambush ‘Step Back‘, for more news on Afrojack’s ‘Press Play‘ EP stay tuned.