AL Sharif, Corx & Diego Antoine – Vagabond

Keeping his name fresh in the mouths of house fanatics everywhere, the San Diego based DJ/Producer AL Sharif combines with CORX & Diego Antoine for one of the highlights of the summer. His latest combine effort with the help of Mighty Records entitled ‘Vagabond‘, has truly showcased who the man behind the “California Groove” movement is. AL Sharif has been quick to rise among the ranks and make a name for himself with major support from notable names such as Arty, Dada Life, W&W, Kryder and more.

Between the jungle inspired intro, the flowery interludes and springing keys, the trio make for a well rounded combination on the track. While the main focus on ‘Vagabond‘ is on AL Sharif, CORX and Diego Antoine play just as pivotal of a role. The two producers while from the same region, ultimately have varying production styles. With CORX being heavy in trance and Diego producing in several realms but namely house, the track receives a bombardment of genre specific influence while still maintaining originality throughout.

With plenty of past tunes like ‘Work‘, ‘Get Right‘ and ‘EGO‘ already under his belt and receiving support from the likes of the notables above, keep your eyes peeled on AL Sharif and the core of up and comers like CORX, and Diego Antoine continually around him.

Check out the trios collaborative work, ‘Vagabond‘ below via SoundCloud: