Alan Walker debuts heavily anticipated music video for ‘Darkside’

Alan Walker’s debut of ‘Darkside‘, and it’s music video have officially been released. Coming off his monstrous Tomorrowland Mainstage performance, Walker has been riding a very topped off couple of weeks. With nothing but loving flowing his way following his set and nearly simultaneously releasing ‘Darkside‘ itself, fans of the producer everywhere are loving the output and it’s evident in the reception of the video. With over 6 million views and pushing in just about four full days, Alan’s upbeat tune is matched by a rather thrilling unfolding to his previous music video’s storyline.

Walker’s vision and our story begins in ‘All Falls Down,’ where we follow a group of humanists in a post-apocalyptic world without technology who discover their first instance of forgotten technology. The prequel came with ‘Tired,’ which explained that a storm leveled the planet and it’s chances of life, as the human race begins to pack in for a survival battle without technology or outside forces to help them besides their own will. Finally it’s in ‘Darkside‘ where both the divided races in ‘All Falls Down’ learn and refine their skills with their newly found technology and end up crossing paths to create an entirely new hope for humanity.

With the tunes beautiful and oddly ironic lyricism, stunning production quality and overall upbeat and positive ambiance, Walker and featured artists, Au/Ra and Tomine Harket provide something that will stand the test of time. Only currently expanding on his global empire, the Norwegian also has several US dates following his Tomorrowland experience starting off in Chicago for the ever popular Lollapalooza August 3rd and capping off with what’s widely seen as the conclusion of the US based electronic festival season at the New York based festival, Electric Zoo on September 1st.

In the meantime however, check out Alan Walker’s music video for ‘Darkside‘ below: