Alesso – Remedy

Coming off his nostalgic main stages sets at Tomorrowland, Alfa Future People and most recently Creamfields, Alesso has returned with brand new music. Following his last release, ‘Is That For Me‘ roughly 10 months ago, the new tune ‘Remedy‘ bears an extremely robust and open sound when compared to Alesso’s previously progressive catalog. While not so rooted in progressive house as we had initially thought, the Swede who’s been focusing more on his progressive house roots than ever obviously still has a few genre tailored tunes left in his arsenal. With the reformation of Swedish House Mafia and contemporaries Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angello, maybe the trio’s influence will carry over from the iconic Swedish group and usher back that euphoric progressive style Alesso is globally recognized for.

No matter, the freshly signed Universal man’s track exudes a fluid and calming atmosphere. The tunes smooth vocal passes, echoing ambiance and chime like synth lines bring out the more commercial side of Alesso and his production ability. While the lax tune may not be the best original for festival play out (without a remix package at least) it certainly has the ability to run rampant amongst the dance and electronic charts around the globe. Making use of a globally sweeping four-on-the-floor percussive pattern, ‘Remedy‘ induces an incurable urge to sway along with it’s rhythmically inclined sound design.

Take a listen to Alesso’s engaging original, ‘Remedy‘ below via Spotify.