Alfa Future People’s 2018 mainstage astounds

Russian festival Alfa Future People has once again showed why it’s one of the most adept for garnering attention. The festival which took place August 10-12 like past years astounded festival goers with it’s dynamic mainstage. Of course no mainstage is integral without the suiting acts and like normal, AFP delivered with top billing names such as KSHMR, Afrojack, Vini Vici, Steve Aoki and Yellow Claw to name a few.

However, we’re not here to discuss the acts, we’re here to discuss the world renown stage building that consistently takes place at the Russian festival. Over the past few years Alfa Future People has been a festival where outfit is everything and the stage team and designers consistently out do themselves year after year. This year, the festival saw another iconic humanoid stage you just have to see for yourself.


Rather than setting up a colossal mainstage using LED paneling, Alfa Future People’s 2018 mainstage uses a simple effect that festival goers rather over look in stage design: spacing. The fully fleshed out stage uses around 6 large pillars spaced to perfection with small LED paneling at the top to give the stage an immense sense of width. Although this isn’t the largest stage set up a festival has seen, it’s certainly one of the most effective in its approach.

The most glaring feature of the stage besides its spacial depth however was it’s humanoid center piece. The free standing structure which was the AFP mainstage, seemed to have been a knight of some sorts. With LED paneling used in place of a “face” for the structure, this tactic not only gave the mainstage some character, but it served as the festivals main focal point for the impressive animations displays. In an additionally awe inspiring touch the structure included some impressive mood lighting to outline the knightly stage.

Needless to say, AFP has done it again, and you can bet that with this level of stage production they wont be slowing down their run for best festival staging anytime soon.