Arty Kate

Arty’s classic track ‘Kate’ turns 7 years old

Raw sounds, progressions beyond belief, and emotion radiating throughout. You couldn’t define Anjunabeats any better. Every single track released on the phenomenal label contains all of the aforementioned, and to some extent at that. In particular, one of the shining examples of Anjuna’s brilliance comes via Arty, and his track ‘Kate‘ has just passed the 7 year marker since its release. Oh, how time flies!

Looking back to the track, a lot has changed in Arty’s sound since then, but the core elements and pure skill remains in every production. Reverting to Alpha 9 more recently to show off his progressive trance persona, Arty – real name Artem Stoliarov – has built his name upon his melodic excellence, and this track is one of his finest displays of that. Bringing some old school Avicii style piano and chord progressions, ‘Kate‘ is packed with synths, percussion and most of all energy. The drop is a burst of sound that combines the piano chords that begin the track and take it towards the climax, alongside progressive synths, leads, pads, and bass. Rolling all elements together, this flawless production is one of Anjuna’s treasured tracks, with it even receiving a top up remix in 2015 purely to re-orchestrate some of the sounds to fit a more modern perspective. However, the original version is ultimately the main body, and there are very little changes in the 2015 remix that would completely alter the track. ‘Kate‘ dropped 7 years ago but Arty’s incredble production ability means that it still sounds fresh today, which is why it still often slides its way into sets. His recent track ‘Tim’ follows a somewhat similar route in its production, with plenty of support from Above & Beyond and other heavyweights, and the influences in both tracks point straight towards Avicii.

Either way, whether it be 7 years ago dropping ‘Kate‘ or more recently with ‘Tim‘, Arty sure does know how to smash it out the park. Listen to ‘Kate‘ below, and get a feel for those 2011 vibes.

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