Avicii’s family blame “greedy” Ash Pournouri for DJ’s death

Shortly after the death of Avicii (aka Tim Bergling) in April of this year, We Rave You told the tale of Tim’s demise in a piece shortly published after his death known as Avicii: The Truth, detailing how Avicii’s former manager Ash Pournouri had overworked the Swede to a point where theLevels producer was forced into a spiral of depression and anxiety.

Now, Tommy Körberg, the father of Avicii’s half-brother Anton, has blamed Tim’s death on Pournouri’s mis-management of the star, accusing the former manager of “greed” and “stupidity” in a scathing attack.

“Tim should not have been on stage, he should have been in the studio, creating,” added Tommy.

“If he had a professional artist company, he would be alive today. When greed and stupidity go hand in hand, anything can happen, especially unfortunate things. There is no reasonable damn person that books 900 shows in eight years, imagine dashing around like that.”

Having known Tim all his life, Tommy further remarked that the money-obsessed nature of Ash Pournouri – who could be seen in Avicii’s ‘True Stories‘ documentary, rubbing his hands together at his hustling ways, even remarking that he would work Tim so hard that “he will drop dead” – means that it is he who must remain guilty and have Tim’s death forever attached to his conscience, adding:

“Tim was not happy with life. He tried everything to become happy. He played the piano and that little hand he had up there (Avicii’s trademark movement when performing) was ‘his thing’ – He was terribly talented.”

Upon Avicii’s suicide in Oman in April, Tim’s family wrote in an open letter that the Swede “Did not hurt anymore” and that he wanted peace.


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