Avicii's final EP

Avicii’s final EP featuring ‘Without You’ and ‘Lonely Together’ turns 1 years old

Looking back to what you were doing a year ago and what has happened in between, it probably seems like it’s further away that reality says it is. The progressions, accomplishments, achievements, and changes that can occur across 12 months are limitless, and that can make time feel like it has elapsed for longer than is the case. The last year has seen so many changes in the music scene also. The return of Swedish House Mafia. Calvin Harris returning to Ibiza. Virtual Self becoming one of the scene’s biggest new alias’. Avicii‘s untimely death in Oman. All influential in their own unique way, and with every right to be. Some have inspired others to make adaptations musically, and some have inspired people – both in the music scene and out of it – to change aspects of their life to better their health. The death of Tim Bergling has done both.

It seems remarkable that even after his death, Avicii has inspired people to progress their music and aspire to achieve, whilst making some people realise that mental health issues are at the forefront of every industry, and need to be prioritised. Almost 4 months on, the devastating news broke as to what happened in Oman with the great Swedish DJ, and the realisation that no more Avicii music may ever be shared with us came as hugely upsetting news. The fact that the young, shy Swede who kept himself to himself and focused on what he loved was drawn into a toxic pattern that led to his downfall is unmissable, and those involved have been pointed out frequently. The potential that was yet to be unearthed still lies within those unfinished tracks, some of which may be released, and the final reminder of Avicii’s phenomenal ability came just over 1 year ago. A time where everything seemed to be going good. Where Avicii was enjoying making music, not touring, and trying new things. The final EP of the Swede’s illustrious career titled Avīci (01) was shared with the world.

The EP featured 6 tracks, collating to just under 18 minutes, and was a display of brilliance. Though some fans complained over recent years about the adaptations in his style, Avicii’s core ideas and sounds remained in his music, and the finest display of that came through ‘Without You‘. The track had been teased for a number of years prior to its release, featuring in a special ‘Intro Edit‘ as Avicii’s opening track at Ultra Music Festival. With vocals from Sandro Cavazza, the track is bliss throughout. The melodic riff played on guitar leads throughout the track, and the combination of natural sounds and electronic elements provide an impeccable build up – coupled with Sandro’s vocals – towards an expertly-crafted Avicii drop. True excellence radiates throughout this track.

Sandro Cavazza was influencial on this EP, so much so to get his own track ‘So Much Better‘ featured via an Avicii remix. The track is led out by Sandro’s powerful voice, and has a laid back, summer drive kind of feel to it. A lower tempo to most Avicii tracks, ‘So Much Better‘ has a feel-good message right throughout, and the second drop screams ‘2012 Avicii’ in so many ways. The first track on the EP was another collaboration, this time with Swedish vocalists Vargas & Lagola titled ‘Friend Of Mine‘. This couples up nicely with ‘So Much Better‘ in the sense of its raw Avicii sound. ‘Friend Of Mine‘ is packed with old Avicii sounds that you could draw out from numerous tracks, and have been put together to create a truly phenomenal track. Underrated probably describes this track best, as it never gained the public outreach that came with ‘Without You‘ and ‘Lonely Together‘. The latter of the two featured vocals from Rita Ora, which added to its chart appeal. Ora’s vocals marry up the blissful backdrop provided by Tim, and remain relatively relaxed right through to the drop. Carrying a commercial sound, the track veers away from Avicii’s better known sounds, but maintain the persistent quality, resulting in huge success in the track.

What Would I Change It To‘ and ‘You Be Love‘ both struggled to gain as much traction as the aforementioned chart success, but their guitar-led sounds make them easy listening electronic masterpieces in their own rights. ‘You Be Love‘ kicks off somewhat acoustically, but has a punch in the drop, and is one of the most ‘Avicii drops’ you could hear, whereas ‘What Would I Change It To‘ takes a more chilled out house vibe. Featuring vocals on the tracks from Billy Raffoul and AlunaGeorge respectively, each of the two deserves more exposure for their hidden brilliance. Either way, they are there for the masses to hear, and are further demonstrations of Avicii’s talent.

A lot can change in a year, and the past 12 months could be some of the most influential to changes in the music scene. The death of Avicii was a shock to all, and the fact that no more music would ever be heard from Tim Bergling was the initial harsh reality. News that some of his old tracks may yet be completed by collaborators has come as joyous to some, where others disapprove. Whatever happens, this EP is a showcase of the 6 last tracks Avicii deemed fit to be released, and should be celebrated in their excellence. Check the Avīci (01) EP out below:

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