Axwell’s iconic ‘Feel The Vibe’ turns 13 years old

Let’s wind the clocks back to 2005. House music was a very niche movement, and the dance music club culture was no where near where it is today. Electronic music was a mostly underground scene being pioneered by names that would come to world-wide fame years later. Through Data Records and his newly conceived Axtone Records, Axwell produced one of the most memorable tracks to come out of the mid 2000’s. “Feel The Vibe” would arguably become one of the bedrocks for where modern progressive house music would take shape. With its futuristic groove, irresistible vocals, and all around awesomeness, Axwell crafted a nifty record that would go on to inspire a whole generation of fans and producers.

In 2010, Avicii was interviewed by the Las Vegas Sun and asked, “Do you remember the first track you heard that really got you interested in electronic music?”. He replied,

I can’t remember for electronic music in general, but for house it was definitely “Feel The Vibe” by Axwell and electronic music, probably something from Daft Punk.

Here it is evident just how inspirational and unique the track was. If Avicii was quoting its influence, it is surely a great track. Released as the second single to come from Axtone Records, the single and later EP would become a club weapon that stunned the world over. In 2005, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, and Faithless were the top dogs as Axwell and others started to make some serious hits. This single catapulted Axel Hedfors into the stream of popular house music producers who were at the top in the mid 2000’s. Just scanning all the sentiments people have towards the track, appraisals like “This is the house music anthem”, and “Axwell will never best this tune in his whole damn career” are common.

Whether you believe this is the ace of Axwell’s work or not, you have to reconcile with the fact that this will go down as one of his best. Without a doubt “Feel The Vibe” was very unique when it came out as well as the many edits that followed the original. The dreamy pads, the arrangement, the kick, the distorted lead synth, the falsetto reverbed vocals and the chords were next level by 2005 standards. As far as audiophiles are concerned, this is one of the best sonically sounding records of the time as the production quality was that of songs coming out as late as 2008 and 2009.

Sink back into to those old school vibes below!