Calvin Harris announces Sam Smith collaboration to debut on Friday

It’s not always that two UK heavy weights meet up to debut new music, but when the time arrives it brings fans into a frenzy. A particular Brit, and Scotsman have joined forces to debut a new, potentially chart smashing tune. If you’ve read the title, your eyes are not deceiving you, that’s right Calvin Harris and Sam Smith have announced that their newest collaboration, ‘Promises‘ is set to debut this Friday August 17th.

Currently smashing the hot charts with another fellow UK artist Dua Lipa, the duo’s work on their summer hit, ‘One Kiss‘ has garnered nearly 750 million plays via Spotify and YouTube alone. Those are some mighty numbers and what’s even more impressive, they’re still growing exponentially day by day. Per the longevity of the pop tune, the song is still relatively in it’s infancy of top 40 radio play. While Dua Lipa has become one of the hottest artists in the world, headlining festivals and continually atop the charts, there’s another chart topping Brit who we haven’t heard much from recently.

Amidst his massive world tour, Sam hasn’t been focused on releasing, he’s simply been focusing on his performances. It’s in the blink of an eye however that Sam could potentially have one of the biggest hits of the closing summer months with his  collaboration with Calvin Harris on their tune ‘Promises‘. Surprising his global fan base, both parties took to Twitter to promote the new tune. If it’s anything like we expect, prepare to cry. Out of happiness – out of sadness – it’s unclear, all that’s known is when both of these forces meet up, it will certainly contain a tidal wave of emotion.