Capa comes out and addresses personal troubles via Facebook

Amidst all the personal news that has come out recently from our favorite artists including the late Avicii and more recently Illenium, and Two Feet, Capa aka Cawah Passereh also joined in revealing some personal information about himself and his recent troubles via Facebook. Beginning production at a young age of 14, Capa has dedicated much of his life to music however in his recent statement the Swede reveals why he decided to step away from the studio.

Cawah revealed that over the past year he’s gone through, “a lot of heavy things in [his] personal life.” All eventually leading to him to take a break from music for the past half a year. In his statement, he seems restored, mentally health and more than ready to push on, but this is just another reminder that his circumstance just like those mentioned above, are not to be overlooked.

Ok, so I think it’s time I properly tell you what’s been going on.I’m sitting on the train, on my way to my hometown…

Posted by Capa [Official] on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Being open and free to communicate with your fan base as an artist is what this community and support system is all about. With the growing highlight on mental health, there are plenty of artists who not only go through the same thing, but relate to us as listeners more than we think. While artists addressing their mental health and addiction concerns has become more and more of a prevalent topic, it’s not to be a part of a “trend,” it’s simply to be themselves. At the end of the day we’re all human, regardless if you work a regular job or if you’re an artist.

Encouragement, acceptance and ultimately support, that’s what we as fans are here for and for these artists the support means more than we can imagine. Being completely transparent is something scary for artists, but something to be proud of and in light of Capa’s recent statement, we’re glad he’s in good spirits and can’t wait to hear what he is set to rebound with.