Cascada’s ‘Everytime We Touch’ receives nostalgic remix by Hardwell & Maurice West

It’s been 11 years since the songs debut, but since it’s been an absolute classic. Amongst the several instant hits in the dance world, none were quite like Cascade’sEverytime We Touch.‘ The tune made a stamp on dance floors around the world and with play-out still reverberating across airwaves around the world, the tune receives a modern day touch up from dance superstars Hardwell and Maurice West.

In honor of the tunes pure euphoria, Hardwell and Maurice West alter very little from what the original brought to the table. However, if we’re comparing what they left un touched to what they did add, the differences are simply electric. The duo left almost the entire intro relatively untouched  however it’s right when the tune is about to fully kick off that the pair add a dramatically distinct synth and key change moving into the tunes signature drop. Hardwell and Maurice West accentuate the tunes original airiness with fresh bouncy kicks coupled with tight snappy percussion. The pair do absolutely everything to keep the tunes euphoria and nostalgia in tact and boy do they deliver. Even the already rave educing synths receive a notable beef up.

Of course, what’s a new remix without some ever important approval? The tune lit crowds up like wildfire over both weekends of Tomorrowland, proving that maybe it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. While the “dog” in this case is over a decade old, the nostalgia it brings certainly amps the overall reception.


With new tunes constantly in the works from Hardwell, it’s refreshing to see he still has time for the classics. Listen to Hardwell & Maurice West’s fresh remix Cascade’s of ‘Everytime We Touch‘ below: