Dash Berlin wipes Instagram starting from ground zero

It was roughly a month ago when Dash Berlin frontman Jeffrey Sutorius announced his split from the trio. Now, just around a month later, the group is seemingly starting from ground zero after removing all content from their Instagram page, spurring even greater rumours around the dynamic of the split. Not all break-ups end well and in the case of Dash Berlin, this split is rather non-mutual.

The former frontman of the trio revealed that Molijn and Kalberg had registered the name “Dash Berlin” under their own names while leaving him out, thus leaving him legally unable to perform as the face of Dash Berlin. From there, chaos ensued amongst the former trio as Molijn and Kalberg denied Sutorius access to the group’s social media accounts, furthering the bad blood between the group, eventually leading Sutorius to take the battle to court.

After performing under the name “Dash Berlin” for more than 9 years now, this case of “mismanagement” and “neglect” per Sutorius have left the frontman performing for nearly a decade under a name that legally never belonged to him. All this leads up to today where current Dash Berlin members, Molijn and Kalberg, have continued to further their distance between themselves and Sutorius by completely wiping their Instagram page clean. Dash Berlin’s page which boats just over half a million followers, have elected to start back from ground zero after the recent purge of any imagery containing Sutorius from all group social media accounts. If anything signals the current direction of the now duo, it’s their Twitter bio which states, “We’re going back to the start…”