David Guetta & Anne-Marie team up for Don’t Leave Me Alone music video

After roughly a month since the tunes debut, David Guetta and Anne-Marie have seen wonderful results on their collaboration ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone‘. In roughly a month’s span the chart climbing tune has received over 25 million streams across Spotify while the official lyric video which released just after the tunes release, has almost an equal amount of views sitting at roughly 23 million. Those are some pretty comprehensive numbers and now with the debut of the tunes official music video, fans and listeners alike can surely expect to see those numbers hit new peaks.


Receiving one million views on it’s first day, the English vocalist and Frenchman alike are showing what type of numbers the combination of a truly rooted fan base and chart topping popularity can do. The extremely catchy yet emotionally evoking song is something that can speak volumes to many. It’s message of co-dependency within relationships, and togetherness are something everyone can relate to.

The one thing most can’t relate to however, is meeting a lover in a virtual world. The video’s bright concept is something invigorating especially surrounding the general theme and outlook of the tune. The only fairly telegraphed portion in the visual outline of the video arrives in the mixed emotions of finding that special someone in a virtual world and realizing it’s only virtual. Nevertheless, the stimulating video is quite interesting and fun, especially traversing the ever changing artificial world with the virtual Anne-Marie. Our producer of the track, David Guetta even makes some extremely glitchy cameos at 0:56 and 1:01 respectively.

In the meantime check out the fun, engaging music video for Anne-Marie and David Guetta’s ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone‘ below: