Dirty South announces new album is in the works

Dirty South drops some exciting news on twitter by announcing he is in the midst of road testing a brand new album. Dragan Roganović has released many albums over the years and is the mind behind some of dance musics most iconic hits. So far in his career he has released “Speed Of Life“, “With You“, and “XV“. His last album was a deeper expression of his sound and the many all star collaborations he has made over the years. We will have to wait and see what angle his next album will take.

Currently Dirty South is on tour in the US. He has upcoming destinations that include Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The “Find a Way” producer has releases on AnjunabeatsPhazing, and Axtone. His style has been evolving over the years yet still remains to have its signature tenets. He is known for his melodies, euphoric sound design, and unique instrumentation. “XV” was a very unique album that featured highly acclaimed tracks like “If It All Stops”, “Love Story”, and “Sonar”. The album was a mix of vocal tracks and many unique instrumentals.

Dirty South

It is a mystery what sound his new album will take on. Either you can catch him live to hear his new “road ready” album or keep an eye online for any snippets to prop up. Like always, the media will be sure to keep an eye on any developments and will keep the public posted with any news!