Martin Garrix – Ocean (Don Diablo Remix)

After two consecutive weeks of remix packages, it appears that a third is the follow. The track in question is Martin Garrix‘s ‘Ocean‘ which features vocals from Khalid, and the past two weeks have brought two remix packages covering all genres, from bass line via Holy Goof’s remix to progressive house through the mighty DubVision, but one genre was missed out. Future house. When those two words come to mind, the people at STMPD Records including Garrix will know exactly who would be the best to provide this take on ‘Ocean‘. Step up one of the finest future house producers the world has to offer: Don Diablo.

Retaining the vocal in its purest form throughout the main body of the track, Don utilises the power of the lyrics to create atmosphere, coupling Khalid’s voice with some pads, piano chords, strings, and other elements. This collection of instruments brings a soothing feel to the track, before the build up kicks things up. The track loses its melodic side during the build, creating mystery as to whether the drop will take a heavier approach, or maintain its prior melodic progression. Dropping with the iconic Diablo sound, with Zonderling-esque synths and arpeggios making for an impeccable production. ‘Ocean‘ has already gained a phenomenal bunch of remixes, but Don Diablo’s addition is well needed, and adds more variety to the list. The track has already seen some huge plays, with Don dropping it at Tomorrowland. It may come as a surprise that the pair have neither worked together in the past nor remixed any of one another’s tracks, officially. Listening to this track, you could be excited for the prospect of any future works as the end product is incredible. Maybe Don Diablo and Martin Garrix will work together in the future, maybe they will not, but you can be sure that if they do that it’ll be something truly magnificent.

Listen to Don Diablo’s new official remix for Martin Garrix’s track alongside Khalid titled ‘Ocean‘, released via STMPD Records and available below:

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