Eric Prydz classic ‘Pjanoo’ turns 10 years old

Having garnered worldwide acclaim thanks to his recent ‘HOLO’ show, Eric Prydz is best known as one of dance music’s most innovative producers. The Swede, a progressive master responsible for huge hits like ‘Opus’ and ‘Lillo’, has demonstrated his quality over many years across his Pryda and Cirez D monikers, but it was 2008’s ‘Pjanoo’ which was one of the most influential productions in his meteoric rise.

Making his name with 2004’s ‘Call On Me’, a record with a sound that is a far cry from the Prydz we know in modern times, Eric’s 2008 summer hit ‘Pjanoo’ became an instant Balearic classic, cementing his reputation as an Ibiza legend. Now turning 10 years old, it is tough to believe that a full decade has passed since this iconic track, with Eric since famed for his mind-blowing EPIC shows, which culminated in EPIC 5.0 in London’s Victoria Park last May.

Blessed with warm piano keys and rhythmic melodies, you can relive the brilliance of Pjanoo below and let us know your favourite Prydz track of all time in the comments!

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