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The word 'iconic' is thrown

Eric Prydz iconic track ‘Opus’ turns 3 years old

Home Uncategorized Eric Prydz iconic track ‘Opus’ turns 3 years old

The word ‘iconic’ is thrown around a lot. The iconic festival… the iconic track… it goes on and on. But very few tracks are truly worthy of that title. Iconic means:

Very famous or popular, especially being considered to represent particular opinions or a particular time.

Tracks that could be considered as iconic for their somewhat legendary status and longevity are few and far between. Though the likes of Tiësto‘s ‘Adagio For Strings‘ and Robert Miles‘ ‘Children‘ still bear the same impact and emotional reception that they received upon their release, over 10 years down the line, few tracks of more recent years are able to repeat the same feat. Except for one particular track which is still equally as impeccable as its release 3 years ago. Happy Birthday to Eric Prydz‘s iconic track ‘Opus‘.

Released as part of a 19-track album that takes the same name, ‘Opus‘ came as the 4th single to drop from the album back in August 2015, with Prydz dropping the album on 5 February the following year. The 9:03 track is the longest on the album, but certainly is worth listening to in its entirety. Speeding up as the track progresses creates a huge amount of suspense and anticipation, with the dreamy stab used to create the main track riff building up constantly. The track accelerates right up to 126bpm, at which point percussion comes in to really kick the track off. Packed with staple Prydz elements, ‘Opus‘ has proven to be one of the biggest tracks of recent years, capturing tonnes of festival plays even to this day. Energy and melody fill the drop, with a euphoric climax to this phenomenal production, prior to the end of the track where the tempo decreases gradually.

Opus‘ truly is a masterpiece in every right, and fully deserves its iconic status. Listen to Eric Prydz track ‘Opus‘ below, and celebrate 3 years of this unreal progressive banger.

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