Interview: METAF04R talk new single “Best Part Of Me” and more

Ever since EDC Las Vegas, a new group has exploded into the scene. METAF04R combined from Dubvision + Firebeatz are an all-Dutch ensemble that have been making waves throughout the scene. From dropping 20 ID’s in one show (discussed below) to working diligently creating fresh music for the masses, the boys have had a tremendous start. They are making a huge stride now releasing their euphoric single “Best Part Of Me” on Spinnin’ Records. The track is nostalgic, unique, and fires up fans of progressive and electro house everywhere.

Even as solo acts, METAF04R pack a huge punch. Their highly energetic style paired with blissful melodies ensures good results in the studio. The boys were kind enough to sit down with We Rave You for an exclusive interview about their new track, and a snapshot into the life of METAF04R.

A huge part of DJ’ing is managing the tour life on top of playing shows all over the world. What are some tips you guys use to keep level-headed and healthy? Now that METAF04R is taking off, will it change how you guys manage things while on the road?

“Since we did 2 shows as METAF04R we can say that while we’re on tour we try to stay in shape in the gym. All four of us are real foodies and this can be a good and a bad thing, totally depends on what kind of food we choose for dinner.”

What would one long-term goal you guys have as METAFO4R be? Reading online, you’ll find lots of feedback from people and fans saying you guys are resurrecting an old style of electro/progressive house.  Is there a long-term vision in mind?

“We have a long-term vision for this project, we want to take the shows to an extreme high level and we want to expend our live elements more and more. Music wise we already have over 30 tracks, but for official releases we’re aiming for the highest quality.”

Can you tell us a bit about how “Best Part Of Me” came together? Did you have the vocal to start off with or did that come later?

“We received this vocal from our publishers at Cloud9 and we were immediately in love with the vibe and the vocal. From there on we created the basics of the song in less than a day but the fine-tuning and mixing took us a couple of months!”

Can you elaborate a bit on what it’s like having 4 producers in the studio together? Is it true that four minds are better than two, or one?

“It’s really a creative process when we’re in the studio with the four of us. We all have our different musical background but when we combine it, it results in a very interesting, diverse but recognizable sound!! The production process is really quick because we can help each other out and because we’re already used to working as duo’s we know how to work as effective as possible.”  

You guys have pioneered a new hybrid genre. It’s described along the lines of being an amalgamation of electro, groove, and progressive. Was the goal from day one to create a new sound?

“When we were asked to do a special back2back set at EDC Las Vegas, this was a huge inspiration for us. We were talking about doing something with the four of us for a couple of years already and this was the right time to start with the project!! We wanted to create a full set with only new produced music and so we rented a villa somewhere in the middle of the woods. We set up a studio in the living room and we created new music all week long. After the amazing creative week, it was time for the next challenge to finish everything in time for EDC.”

Playing a main stage set with 20 ID’s is a crazy feat for a musician at any level. Was there any disagreement from your management or backlash from guys in the group regarding embarking on such an endeavour? Did it go down as planned?

“It was such a great feeling to create a whole set instead of producing separate tracks. We knew what kind of tracks we’d like to have in our set (Groove, Melodic, Rave, Electro, House) and eventually everything worked out great. Of course, it can be hard to play all new music for such a huge crowd, but our aim wasn’t the choose the easy way but to set the bar high for the future! As a DJ you know the easy way to go is play the major hits but for all four of us it was a dream to play a completely exclusive set with live elements!”

Be sure to listen to ‘Best Part Of Me’ below!