Martin Garrix – Ocean feat. Khalid [Remixes, Vol. 2]

While Martin Garrix‘s original release with American R&B singer and songwriter Khalid did marvelously well on the charts – raking up the numbers on streaming platforms – fans were aware the the buck was hardly going to stop here. After the release of the single and sumptuous music video on its behalf, the original track titled ‘Ocean’ received a fulfilling  7-track remix package, which included a rendition from none other than Martin Garrix himself. Apart from Garrix collaborating with Cesqeuax, the remix EP also featured the likes of Cazztek, DubVision, Todd Helder, Goja, Slique and Bart B More. What did surprise fans and followers was that the EP was styled as ‘Vol. 1′ – suggesting that the 2nd half of the fun was yet to be showcased.

An odd two weeks later, the wait is finally over, with the folks at Garrix’ STMPD Records releasing the second volume of remixes which more or less aims to cover all quarters of mainstream dance music. Featuring renditions from Banx & RanxVAN DUOSyn ColeMYRNE and Holy Goof, the EP is a smooth experience that allows the listener to swiftly rush through the various styles and production gimmicks that the 5 producers bring to the table. So without further ado, lets get into the mix.

The first remix comes from Canadian producer duo of Banx & Ranx, comprising of Soke & KNY Factory. The two producers channel their typical style in tandem and deliver a very energetic re-imagination of the original – one which retains the originality of the vocals while ditching the tempo for something more upbeat and enjoyable. Their rework possibly adds more punch to the mellowness of the original production.

Taking things further are the VAN DUO act, who deliver what is undoubtedly a thrilling outing for the original. Mixing things up to present a very Don Daiblo-esque remix of the original, the VAN DUO pair are certainly not a new name for the STMPD imprint followers. The duo recently released their second ever EP on Garrix’ label and are looking to further their impact with this stunning opportunity of remixing one of the boss’ towering hits. Next up, an act who is completely not new to the scene as Estonian producer Syn Cole takes the stage, providing the much needed twists and twirls to the original to deliver a supremely entertaining rendition and reworking of Khalid’s vocals.

If a thought ran through your head that it couldn’t get any more mellow than it already is, MYRNE‘s remix surely brushes it all aside to give to us a laid-back re-imagining of the Garrix original while utilizing the vocals in a markedly different way than they were. Closing things for this second remix package is a bass-laden remix from Holy Goof who takes the original for a traditional House run at first, only to deliver what is a surprisingly infectious rethinking of the original. A well capped off EP in total, this second volume of remixes from the myriad producers only adds to the global value that Martin Garrix and Khalid have built due to ‘Ocean’.

You can purchase ‘Ocean’ [Remixes Vol. 2] through Apple Music here.

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