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DJ Snake is back with

GASHI – Creep On Me (feat. French Montana & DJ Snake)

Home Uncategorized GASHI – Creep On Me (feat. French Montana & DJ Snake)

DJ Snake is back with another hip-hop/R&B fusion with G4SHI and French Montana entitled ‘Creep On Me‘. The two who previously worked together on Encore with breakout songs like ‘4 Life‘ and ‘Oh Me Oh My‘ have a very solidified relationship. Snake played a pivotal role in putting G4SHI in a position to really prove he deserved to be a household name alongside names like Migos, Travis Scott and more at the time. Coming into his unique and polarizing sound at the time, G4SHI has now captivated the globe. The Lybian born rapper has found himself in his own lane and creating a buzz with his current songs ‘Disrespectful‘ and ‘No No No‘. Now coming full circle the artist pays homage to DJ Snake adding him on ‘Creep On Me‘ as a featured artist.


The light-footed tune encompasses a very melodic R&B vibe. Featuring DJ Snake’s notable lead tones in the break, G4SHI takes much of the track in his own hands through his varied soft verse structure and sung hook. Surprisingly another artist you feel you’d hear a little more influence from on the track is French Montana. As a featured artist while you can hear the ever popular artists atmospheric accents and interjections of emphasis, the artist just doesn’t possess one of his notably recognizable French Montana verses in the tune. No matter, ever artist has their softer side and it appears that French and the trio decided to show a softer more deconstructed side with ‘Creep On Me‘. The track is a bonafide secret lover story. While the title may be a little deceiving, the three extremely talented musicians combine to create something inviting.

Listen to G4SHI featuring French Montana & DJ Snake’s ‘Creep On Me‘ below via Spotify:

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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