David Guetta’s ‘One Love’ album turns 9 years old

Few albums in the history of dance music can be classed as being more influential than David Guetta’s ‘One Love.’ Having spent much of his career as an underground DJ, performing vinyl sets on the terrace at Space Ibiza until sunrise, David decided to switch his sound to a more commercial tone, and instantly became a pioneer for the industry, launching the birth of ‘EDM’ as we know it now.

Though first criticised for bringing R&B acts into dance music, with the album containing team-ups with the likes of Akon and Kelly Rowland, it soon became clear that by doing so, Guetta was bringing dance music into the mainstream and the genre soon started to receive much more attention worldwide. Scoring three UK number #1 singles within two months – a staggering achievement – the ‘One Love’ album was released in August 2009, and turns exactly 9 years old today.

Featuring tracks like ‘Sexy Chick’ and deep club anthems like the seductive tones of ‘How Soon Is Now’, Guetta’s ‘One Love’ is a true masterpiece from the French superstar, and can be re-lived below:

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