Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens bids to help the environment

Oliver Heldens, the head of Heldeep Records, is now a public advocate for a cleaner ocean. As one of the newest ambassadors for the Plastic Soup Foundation, Heldens will bring his international popularity to the advocacy group working to ban single use and environmentally detrimental plastics. And so far it’s working well. After just one month, the new partnership has helped generate 10,000 Euros in donations.

The Plastic Soup Foundation is known as “One of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution” internationally. With many different business partners donating parts of their revenue to the cause, Plastic Soup is able to pursue various anti-pollution campaigns. One of their biggest accomplishments includes pursuing the ban of microbeads in products like body wash and cosmetics. One of those partners is “MBRC the Ocean”. Pronounced “Embrace”, the company reclaims and recycles plastic waste from the ocean and uses it to make trendy looking bracelets.

You can check out all the colour options on the MBRC the Ocean website. 30% of your 25 euro purchase will be donated to the Plastic Soup Foundation. With a goal of raising 500,000 euros by the end of 2019, MBRC needs all the help they can get. Show your support for a healthier planet by heading over to their website and purchasing now!

In the mean time, you can check out Oliver Heldens latest single ‘Riverside 2099‘ below:

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