Interview: Tujamo discusses Salvatore Ganacci collaboration ‘Jook It’

German Electro House sensation Tujamo and the electrifying Salvatore Ganacci have come together at least to deliver a heart-pumping new festival anthem ‘Jook It’Combining Tujamo’s booming production skills and soundset with Ganacci’s gripping character and energy, the track brings out the best of both producers.

The huge energy of Swedish DJ/producer Salvatore Ganacci is now found on every corner of the globe. Having garnered millions of streams and landmark international shows courtesy of his hard-hitting and experimental sound, his fusion of big room, dancehall and modern pop music has separated this high octane performer from his Swedish contemporaries in a big way.

Inspiring hundreds of producers across the globe to try and imitate his unique sound, Tujamo’s energetic and pioneering dance music has seen him collaborate with Danny Avila, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Jacob Plant, Laidback Luke, Martin Solveig, Pep & Rash, Showtek, Taio Cruz and many more.

Amid a hectic touring schedule, Tujamo sat down with We Rave You to discuss his new collaboration, his sound and inspiration and what it means to experiment with new ideas.

Your new collaboration with Salvatore Ganacci ‘Jook It’ is out now on Spinnin’ Records! How did it all come together?

 “We have known each other for years and we always made jokes about how we would create a cool club tune together. It’s hard to made things happen in this business, that’s why I’m stoked that it worked out in this case!”

 What inspired you to want to work with Salvatore?

 “I have always loved his tracks. I’ve also played so many of his songs and could always imagine a combination of both influence and signature sounds, so knew it had the potential to be a perfect match.”


 How did Richie come into the picture? What dynamic does he add to the track?

 “We wanted an energetic voice, as soon as we said that we had Richie in our minds. Which was a coincidence!”

 ‘Jook It’ is a heavy, Bass House club-banger and takes a different direction to your Electro House sound. What inspired you to experiment with this new direction? 

 “I always like to try something new but the important thing is to keep my own signature sound. In addition I have always been a seriously big fan of unexpected drops. In the the last couple of years it’s worked well in the clubs and always made it fun to play. It’s a good way to get the crowd pumped!”

 Some artists nowadays release multiple tracks that sound more or less the same. Do you think it’s more important to establish your sound/identity or to experiment with different sounds? 

 “When it comes to your next production you should always try to add some new flavour. In the end people should always recognize its TUJAMO. That’s the goal!”


 Two of your biggest tracks ‘Boneless’ and ‘Drop That Low’ are still sitting in the Beatport Electro House chart! Do you consider this to be a great testament to your hard work? 

I actually noticed that just a few weeks ago and I would never have expected it. I it’s because it’s my signature sound, which could make it stand the test of time I guess. This is something you’re missing if you just copy somebody else’s sound because then you’ll be always in the shadow of another artist.”

 You had the chance to put your own spin on Sidney Sampson’s classic anthem ‘Riverside’. Can you explain how it felt to rework such an important song? Did you feel any pressure to live up to any expectations?

 “Riverside was one of the first tracks I used to play when I started djing back in the days. I always thought this track was super timeless because there is still no other sound like it. There was no pressure because I first made it as bootleg for my own sets but then my label came up with the idea to make it official. After that I had a nice chat with Sidney he was also down for this version.”

Be sure to stream ‘Jook It’ below and grab a copy here!

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