Kings Of Sweden – Straight To The Sun

Swiss duo Kings Of Sweden have released their debut single ‘Straight To The Sun‘; a summer-soaked Pop/Electronic anthem. A fresh, brand-new duo ready to build their name from the ground up, the duo made up of Fabian & Patrick Widmer are proud to present ‘Straight To The Sun’.

The track opens up with a smooth guitar riff, which is soon accompanied by a lowpass-filtered kick and soft male vocal. Behind all these elements is a warm, plucky bass guitar to fill out the frequency spectrum. Keeping the atmosphere mellow and relaxed, the track elevates in the drop, as double-tracked vocals, 4/4 claps and cymbals all give the track a thicker texture and fuller feel.

The second break maintains the 4/4 kicks and double-tracked vocals, to keep the track progressing and listeners engaged, before the breakdown & build-up create a hands-in-the-air feel, with reverb-soaked pluck synths and warm piano chords. A warm, summer-soaked Pop record, ‘Straight Into The Sun’s warm bass and uplifting chord progressions drive the track’s cheerful persona.

Be sure to stream ‘Straight To The Sun’ below and keep an eye out for new music here!

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