KSHMR drops new tropical tune ‘Good Vibes Solider’ co-produced by Vini Vici

KSHMR is back with yet another culturally influenced tune, this time the American producer has teamed up with the world’s biggest Psy-Trance act; Vini Vici. The tune officially titled,’ Good Vibes Solider‘ was publicly uncovered via a reddit thread that links to a leaked preview of the tune.

Boasting a tropical influence, Vini Vici and KSHMR put their Psy-Trance and Electro House backgrounds aside and unite to deliver a blissful dancehall-meets-House record. Taking a much different approach from his previous release in the entrancing, bass-heavy tune ‘Neverland‘, KSHMR continues his ability to build culturally influenced soundscapes through his integral sound design ability.

Under the supervision of Spinnin’ Records, The tune is set to debut on KSHMR’s home base label Dharma. Even though the label is relatively new, Niles continues to do a wonderful job fulfilling Dhamra’s mission to a tee. If you’re unfamiliar with the general function of the label Niles had the following say when addressing the goal of  Dharma:

“Dharma will be a home for music with soul, from around the world and most importantly music I love. It gives me a platform to nourish and present new artists.”

What’s never been truer is KSHMR’s certainly continually giving opportunity to new artists, and it’s evident on ‘Good Vibes Solider‘. The bread and butter to the song is Head Quattaz, the vocalist and main proprietor around the tropical ambience of the tune.

Since the tune has only been previewed, the build-up of excitement around the tunes flavorful energy certainly is intensified by the fresh-faced vocalist. Set to debut August 24th via the Spinnin’ Records subsidiary, ‘Good Vibes Solider‘ should keep fans and listeners alike in not just “good” – but amazing spirits.