Madeon teases fans with his cryptic Twitter Bio

Even at the young age of 24, Madeon is already considered one of the most complete and accomplished artists in the electronic scene. After celebrating his birthday in May by releasing a special version of his hit ‘Shelter’ with Porter Robinson, the French also recently celebrated that very track turning 2 years old. The fact ‘Shelter’ still sounds fresh and unique all this time after it was released truly shows it is a timeless record and is a testament to the incredible talent that both Madeon and Porter Robinson possess. The pair followed their collaboration with a spectacular world tour, where they delivered a truly authentic, “live” feel by using drum machines and launch pads. The tour saw the duo perform 43 shows, over a 7-month span, and visited countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, England, The Netherlands, France and Japan.

Madeon had been building some hype with his online followers after his move to the United States, as he claimed to be working on his most meaningful projects to date, suggesting we might be finally hearing some new music from him soon, possibly a new album after he denied claims he was behind the anonymous work of Deathpact. His fans were left very confused when he changed his Twitter bio to ‘Retired’, alarming that he might quit making music despite all he had been speculating in the previous months.

Fans were to take a sigh of relief after seeing him change his Twitter bio once again to ‘Retired Magician. Musician’, suggesting he has no intention of quitting music in the near future, fortunately for us.

Now that we have all been reassured the French master producer is not planning to retire from music making, we can all look forward to hearing what he preparing for us next.


Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.

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