Madeon teases second album clues through Pixel Empire Podcast

French superstar Madeon isn’t just known for his amazing production skills, but he has also succeeded in building an extremely loyal, die-hard fanbase. Ever since the 24-year old producer dropped his debut album ‘Adventure’, fans from all over the world have gathered to support the talented Frenchman. His 2016 monsterhit with Porter Robinson ‘Shelter’ made such a huge impact on the electronic dance music scene, that fans even created Pixel Empire Podcast, a special platform “dedicated to Madeon, Porter Robinson, and the music industry”.

It is exactly through this medium that Madeon (aka Hugo Pierre Leclercq) has now been teasing clues about his highly-anticipated sophomore album, which he has promised to finish in 2018. Earlier this year, he first dropped the news that he even moved to the United States to work and focus on the completion of the album, which supposedly will be nothing like its predecessor ‘Adventure’. On Pixel Empire Podcast, fans have now shared the answers to the clues and puzzles they were given by Madeon himself about the follow-up album in the making.

So far, they have gathered that ‘The Architects’ is some entity that is involved in the new album and that a logo has been designed, albeit uncertain whether ‘The Architects’ is a person, a symbol or maybe the name of the album. Another possible name for the album could be ‘Dream’, as the often-used phrase “Discover Real Echoes Absolute Messages” creates this acronym. Lastly, as mentioned before, the new album won’t be anything like Madeon’s previous album ‘Adventure’. On many occasions, the Frenchman took to social media stating that he cares about this one more than anything he’s ever done in the past.

We can’t wait for more news about the album, and for more clues to be solved by Madeon fans via Pixel Empire Podcast. Their latest podcast, unveiling the above-mentioned clues, should be available on their YouTube channel shortly.