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Its time. Marshmello & Bastille

Marshmello & Bastille – Happier

Home Uncategorized Marshmello & Bastille – Happier

Its time. Marshmello & Bastille have delivered one of the more emotional tunes of the summer. Delivering a teaser of the tune via Instagram, and revealing via Twitter that the two had been working on this collaboration for seemingly a while, the tune has finally come to life in the form of ‘Happier‘.

The lyrically somber tune is finished with a typically upbeat chorus provided by Marshmello. The tune seemingly tells the tale of a break up through an internal battle. Naturally it makes sense that the tunes conflicting emotional balance matches ‘Happier’s‘ outlook. With every ending comes a new beginning and the duo showcase their brilliance in sonic fashion truly displaying how a simple song can convey so many emotions and feelings in one little auditory package.

Taking everything into consideration, both parties have played a crucial role in one of the potential collaborations of the year. While it may not be the flashiest of tunes, it’s certainly a very connectable one. With direct influences readily audible, it’s just like Bastille said via Twitter, sometimes it’s “…good to step into somebody else’s world for a minute…” Especially for us as fans.

Listen to Marshmello & Bastille’s emotional collaboration, ‘Happier‘ below via Spotify:

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