Mau5trap announces Mau5ville: Level 2 is on the way

Just a little over a month since Mau5ville: Level 1 featuring work from Getter, GTARob Swire, and more Mau5trap seems to be pointing to a follow up fairly soon. The tweet from the label, and home base of the legendary Deadmau5 contains a strong hint towards Mau5ville: Level 2. While we’re not quite sure what the track list is prepped to look like, we have Mau5ville: Level 1 to take as reference. With several remixes and originals alike, the Level: 1 compilation sports 8 tracks with one (‘Monophobia‘) receiving an extended mix.

If Level: 2 is anything similar, maybe we can expect another several remixes and originals. However, Mau5ville Level 2: is just a start of the start to the rumor mill. According to several publications, a Deadmau5 world tour is picking up heavy steam from several sites including YourEDM and more particularly Netease Cloud Music. Netease, a Chinese streaming service which originally announced that Mau5ville: Level 2 would be released in late September, also included additional info stating the release would accompany an announcement of a Deadmau5 world tour.

"Mau5ville: Level 2 will be released on September 23rd, alongside with the launch of Deadmau5’s world tour. Mau5ville: Level 3 will be released during his world tour 2018-2019" – Some Chinese streaming platform (translated) from deadmau5

Whether these claims are true or not, the outlet made some strong suggestions. If the claims over the unreleased compilation aren’e enough, they believe Mau5ville: Level 3 is planned to release sometime within Deadmau5′ tour and combine, between Level 2, & 3 will contain around 40 different tunes from an astounding 100 different artists. You read that correctly, 100 different artist. While this seems to be a massive stretch, it could very well be possible. Deadmau5 has an affinity for discovering new talent and speaking his mind over the ever-reaching claims within the blogosphere. Needless to say if this were something that is way out of the realm of possibility, it’s fairly safe to say Joel would put these claims to bed. However, until we hear from the man himself all we can do is guess.