Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero unveils teaser of new Stadiumx collab, ‘Rise’

A true progressive legend, Nicky Romero is best known for his monstrous tracks like ‘Toulouse’ and Avicii collaboration ‘I Could Be The One’, formerly known as NickTim, a reference to both producer’s names. Now, the Dutch DJ has unveiled a one-minute long teaser of new track ‘Rise’, a collaboration with Stadiumx. 

Having played the track out in recent live sets, fans have been eagerly awaiting the full release of the progressive whopper which also features Matluck, and Nicky has delivered fantastic news to the fans with ‘Rise’ set to drop on Friday 24th August. Housed by Nicky’s iconic Protocol Recordings label, the anthem precedes the results of this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 poll, with Nicky, who has previously held a place in the top 10, looking to return to the summit of the vote, having hosted amazing campaigns like ‘Play Nicky’ and ‘Call Nicky‘ in recent years.

You can check out the track below:

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