NWYR – Time Spiral

Following memorable performances from W&W over the two weekends at Tomorrowland, the duo have decided to invest some time into their side project. The dutch duo have already invested plenty of time into their trance alias NWYR however, its what’s to come from the alias that has fans and contemporaries excited. During both Tomorrowland and on their most recent episode of Mainstage Radio, W&W have debuted plenty of new NWYR tunes including, ‘Time Spiral‘.


Set to be their first release of many under NWYR this upcoming year, ‘Time Spiral‘ is extremely versatile delivering roomy synth lines, full aggresive kicks, and stark leads. The tune rightfully titled ‘Time Spiral‘ uses layered and distorted synths compounding into an astounding element within the tunes break that can only be compared to an air-raid siren. Clearly buzzing about the tunes release, W&W seem to have plenty on their plate both under their main moniker and trance alias.

Possibly trying to consolidate their touring, the duo even recently announced their W&W vs NWYR “Year Of the Dragon” tour. The dates which will see the duo tour throughout the likes of USA and Canada contain some question marks surrounding what to expect. However, judging by the content the Dutchmen are releasing under both W&W and NWYR, the limited 4 date tour should be something special to witness.


Nevertheless, today is all about the start to NWYR’s fantastic upcoming year. We’re excited to see what is to come out of the duo and if their ID’s are anywhere as finished as we believe them to be, you can bet there will be plenty of demand for more NWYR shows. Check out NWYR’s ‘Time Spiral‘ below via Spotify: