School supplies with Martin Garrix branding are now a thing in Holland

Today, being the Number 1 DJ in the world does not simply mean to play music anymore. Dutch-superstar and the person who currently is on this throne of EDM, Martin Garrix, can relate to this. The 22-year old, who just closed down Tomorrowland 2018 with a monumental set, has now set sail to reach a target group consisting of a younger audience. After his official merchandise is already super successful, with multiple items already sold out, Garrix has now entered the school market.

How did your folders or notebook stationary look like when you went to school? Did yours had a design of your favorite DJ? Well, just in case you have some back-to-school vibes, you now can have all school supplies there are in this world with fancy Martin Garrix designs. Variations differ from typical “+x” designs to Martin Garrix himself, playing one of his spectacular shows. No matter, which school supplies you desire – you can find them all with a Martin Garrix design on them! Calendars, pencil-holders, folders, copybooks – simply everything! The only downside of the whole thing is, that these school supplies are only available in Holland. So if you are not lucky enough to live in one of the motherlands of DJing, then it will be hard to get your hands on one of the Garrix items.

Nevertheless, the Dutch boy treats you with other things. Only a few days ago he released his track ‘High On Life’ togehter with renowned singer Bonn. The track was first heard during Garrix’ performance at Tomorrowland this year. Furthermore, Martijn is set to make 2018 another remarkable year for him. Next, to more shows at festivals around the world this summer, Garrix will also bring his own signature show to this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event in October. And who knows, you might be able to buy some of the cool back-to-school supplies there!

Check out the supplies below!