Silk City debut new hip-hop tune ‘Loud’ featuing Goldlink and Desiigner

Following their previous release ‘Only Can Get Better‘, Diplo and Mark Ronson have teamed up once again for their newest Silk City release, ‘Loud‘. The two iconic producers team up with hip-hop notables, GoldLink and Desiigner for the funky hip-hop fused tune. The two producers who are more known for their individual pursuits than their group alias have a growing moniker in Silk City. Between Diplo’s ever expanding efforts between his multiple side projects including Major Lazer, his previous partnership with Skrillex in Jack Ü, his most recent super trio LSD, and now his popping dual project with Ronson, Diplo is constantly reshaping his own image.

Of course, this isn’t only based around the group dynamics he places himself, but rather his dynamic genre shifts as well. In the Silk City project, Ronson who’s more of a pop/funk producer with proof provided on hits like Bruno Mars, ‘Uptown Funk‘ and ‘Feel About You‘ it seems and sounds as though the Englishman has the final discretion of the tracks overall sound. Between the 2012 catalog from their self entitled album ‘Silk City‘ and their latest 2018 release entitled ‘Cowboys and Casanovas‘ it’s quite evident the overall bearing Ronson has on the tunes production. This statement isn’t to downplay Diplo’s involvement in the project, but rather to up-play Ronson’s who seems to be the major influencer in the duo’s dynamic.

Premiering this week on Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 via Apple Music, the spunky track, ‘Loud’ turned heads and sparked some major interest from plenty. While plenty recognize Desiinger and GoldLink from tunes like ‘Panda‘ and ‘Crew‘ it’s rather new territory for both the rappers to hop on seemingly funkier productions. Well, maybe not so much GoldLink, but in Desiigners case it’s certainly a surprise. Needless to say, ‘Loud‘ provides a different type of groove that most hip-hop productions simply don’t provide in this age of the genre. That being said, check out Silk City’s ‘Loud‘ for yourself below: