Skrillex is building a new studio

After jumping onto the electronic dance music scene in style and captivating millions of music lovers with his hard-hitting dubstep sound and with it, an arsenal of original releases. From ‘Scary Monsters And Nice Spirits‘ to ‘Bangarang‘, Skrillex has been a household name in EDM over the years and one of high-demand, with fans flocking to see the music producer perform his spirited, energetic and quite frankly amazing performances all around the world. 2018 has been an interesting year for Skrillexso far, the American icon has been releasing and working on plenty of new, old and co-produced projects, but has been surprisingly inactive on the Skrillex side of things. On his Twitter he recently to bed the claims he’s retiring or uninspired musically, saying,

I’m not dead , I’m not gone … I just needed time to be a human for a bit. I don’t say it enough but infinite love to all my fans . I’d be dead without you. Thanks for being patient ❤

— Skrillex (@Skrillex) June 14, 2018

The US producer recently took to his Instagram to show his followers his new studio which is in the process of being built. Giving fans a peak behind the scenes of his hectic life as a producer and DJ. You can watch the clips here. There have also been rumours going around that Skrillex might be returning to the limelight sooner rather than later, after Los Angeles-based producer Yultron tweeted that Skrillex’s

“new music is bout to change the game again”

Skrillex broke the silence by releasing an amazing collaboration with UK based producer Mura Masa and NÄOComplicated‘. Adding fuel to the fire, Skrillex has also announced his first US festival appearance since 2016 with a set scheduled for Minneapolis’s Snowta two-day event in December.

As we wait for new music, you can stream his latest release ‘Complicated’ together with Mura Masa and NÄO below.


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