Steve Angello performs first ever ‘LIVE’ show at Creamfields

At this year’s Creamfields festival one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend was undoubtedly Steve Angello‘s first ever ‘LIVE’ performance. After appearing on the lineup with the word ‘live’ added next to his name, fans soon began to speculate about what exactly the performance would hold. No details were given ahead of the set, leaving fans in the dark about what was to come, and the result was something that nobody could have predicted.

During the performance, Steve Angello performed tracks live with precision and skill, with each track having been split into its individual elements, giving fans a unique listening experience. On Instagram when responding to a fan he described having to strip apart songs over a period of a few weeks, while also confirming that he is planning to play more live shows in the future.

steve angello

Throughout the set Steve Angello dropped hit after hit, from Swedish House Mafia classics to anthems from his most recent album ‘HUMAN‘. Fans were left truly lost for words by the intricacy of the set and the euphoria upheld throughout the performance. After the show, Angello took to Twitter to share his excitement about the future of his live shows.

Relive the full performance below.

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