Swedish House Mafia return surely imminent after another Sebastian Ingrosso photo teaser

Just weeks after an unsolicited photo on Instagram teasing the possible return of Swedish House Mafia, Sebastian Ingrosso continues to fan the flame with more, yes, more photo teasers. This time rather than posting a group photo atop their perch at their Ultra Mainstage  reunion – Ingrosso, in what we can only assume is the beginnings of a possible collaboration or sponsorship deal with Nike, tags the global corporation three times while facing away to show the back of his shirt, containing three of Nike’s signature white checks. Sound familiar? Three white checks, three white dots – there’s a connection here.

Many will say it’s obvious, the post is a hint at the groups reunion, while others will say we’re reading to much into it and it’s just a huge deal for the artist, however the one thing Seba has done a wonderful job of amidst all the rumors: keeping it ambiguous. Whenever he’s been involved in baiting the fandom on Swedish House Mafia’s return, Ingrosso has consistently avoided any direct and obvious captioning or statements to the public which may lead to potential speculation. Now, while you can certainly point to posting these photos online as direct “statements”, there’s yet to have been explicit confirmation or denial from Ingrosso himself. However, fellow Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello is a different story.

Angello has been by far the most direct of the bunch. In fact, it’s been Angello who’s all but confirmed that SHM are making a return to touring in 2019 including a potential Tomorrowland stop. Even more, the Swede has also proclaimed the trio are back in the studio to Swedish news paper Sydsvenskan. Obviously the trio are back, but with so much information already revealed by Angello, maybe Seba’s subtle hints point to a much more imminent return than we’re prepared for. Regardless, we’ll continue to keep you up to date on the latest developing Swedish House Mafia news here.