Tiesto previews multiple IDs on Creamfields Arc Stage

49-year-old Dutch icon Tiesto has come off a roll of impressive sets at Ultra Europe, UntoldTomorrowland, Alfa Future People, and more. With little surprise, the must-see performer continued to prove why he’s a must-see, with yet another astonishing set – this time on the Arc Stage at Creamfields. With over 20 years in production and performance under his belt, Tiesto has single-handedly become one of the largest catalogue-holders in modern dance music and it shows.

The superstar’s 38 track set was compromised of primarily his own material. Keeping in mind the DJ’s set was 38 tracks in length even amidst remixes, mashups and more, the set contained 21 of his own tunes. What’s more – the fans seemed to enjoy his presence just as much as always.


Of course, the ever-reliable 1001tracklists came in to supply the count and information on Tiesto’s set. While we may stand in awe over the massive catalog the artist boasts, another thing that 1001tracklists provides is a look into the ID’s that were played out. That’s right, the ACR Stage got a glimpse at 3 different ID’s in all different song categories, remixes, originals and one even being a sneak preview of a previously played Holy Goof tune.

Listen to Tiesto’s incredible set below!