Umbree – Nakia

 20 year old French and DJ / Producer Umbree has shown just what she’s capable of. Beginning her production at age 15, the youngster signed her track ‘Nakia‘ to Marvellous, a Lithuanian based label. With African roots, Umbree has a deep affinity towards the sound upon which she was raised. When asked about her influences, the producer specified rather tediously saying:

“My biggest inspirations are Avicii for electro and Artful Dodger for house.”

Of course in the instance of ‘Nakia‘ she must have taken notes from Artful Dodger as the track booms with low frequency and certainly exudes that undeniable deep house groove. Her inspiration for the track and track name you ask? In another statement about the tunes influence and inspiration, the youngster gives some context into who the tune was inspired by,

“Nakia” is a fictional character in Black Panther, she is a brave woman and… to overcome her problems, she must fight and never give up!”

That’s right, funnily enough Umbree’s inspiration comes directly from the global blockbuster movie and super hero tale of Black Panther. Just like you or I, super hero tales do indeed inspire artists of many respects. The song she explains is also related to her mother another strong and influential character in Umbree’s life. All in all, the track’s relaxing ambiance truly carries the weight of its inspiration.

Listen to Umbree’s ‘Nakia‘ below via Spotify: