Unknown artist Jack Back linked to David Guetta as new alias

Some interesting ties have come out of Spinnin’ Records today. Similar to the ties linking Don Diablo as the mastermind behind the rather unknown Big Pineapple project, another marquee artist may be harboring a new alias and that artist is David Guetta. Our speculation starts at Ultra Europe where the Frenchman played out an exclusive ID no one had ever heard. Today, that ID, now known as “Overtone“, was released on Spinnin’ under an unknown artist named Jack Back. The underlying connection here – Guetta’s record label is coincidentally also named “Jack Back”. On top of that, Guetta is the only known figure to have had debuted the single at any festival/show.

With this information in mind, the attempts to unravel Jack Back’s identity seem to be over before it even began. Even more implicative of the connection between the two, Jack Back’s new Instagram profile is followed by some very close parties to Guetta. Sporting just 76 followers, the main culprits include both Guetta’s manager José Woldring, and the Warner Music France representative Pierre George Kieffer. It’s safe to say that even with the little we do know there’s some connection between the two and although not 100% solidified. With these facts in mind, it certainly shines a light on David Guetta and his connection to Jack Back.