WATCH: Martin Garrix’s mixer breaks during Creamfields UK set

Martin Garrix, who experienced this embarrassing moment during his most recent Creamfields UK set. Creamfields UK is one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world, attracting all the biggest DJs in the world and countless fans of electronic dance music.

During yet another spectacular performance by Martin Garrix, he was being filmed from the crowd as he played his energetic single ‘Spotless‘ in collaboration with Jay Hardway. The crowd were clearly loving it as they chanted over the melody of the track when suddenly the sound cut out as the visuals behind the DJ continued. The crowd took it well and started chanting together before Martin took the mic to say:

My mixer stopped working

He then handled the situation very well by launching the infamous ‘Seven Nation Army’ chant which was well received by the entire crowd. The interruption was brief as the Creamfields staff were able to quickly get the mixer working again. Martin jumped straight back into his set and playing the high energy ‘Turn Up The Speakers‘, his collaboration with Afrojack, which had the crowd jumping and singing like nothing ever happened.

2018 has been yet another sensational year for the young DJ and producer, filled with incredible music releases and spectacular live shows. He released his highly anticipated collaboration with Khalid, which received some incredible remixes from the likes of David Guetta and Don Diablo. Most recently he released his track ‘High On Life’ together with renowned singer Bonn. Martijn is set to continue making 2018 a remarkable year for him, playing more shows at festivals around the world before hosting his own signature show to this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event in October

You can watch this awkward moment and Martin handling it amazingly on YouTube below @1:50.


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