We Rave You Radio – Episode 28 with MR.BLACK

Right after providing us with some fine musical output from his production desk, Israeli producer & DJ MR.BLACK is back on song with another exciting outtake for his fans. The ‘Boomshakalak‘ hit-maker – a track that features as part of this token of nicety towards fans – showcases a catalog of his own hits as well as some from others in the latest episode of We Rave You Radio. He joins the list of stellar acts such as Al Sharif, WILL K, Miss Ghyss, Dannic, CLMD among a myriad others, who have all enjoyed providing our fans with an hour or so of sumptuous music, discussions and entertainment.

Donning the honor, MR.BLACK gets right into the proceedings by opening the mix with his latest collaboration with KURA titled ‘Favela‘ featuring Mc K9. A thumping start in the pocket, the mix swirls through a set of his own releases as ‘Boomshakalak‘s’ towering beat-work and the aggressive ‘Lights‘ single carries the mix across to ‘Carry Me Home‘ from none other than MR.BLACK’s close collaborator and superstar producer KSHMR, who combined forces with Jake Reese for this single.

Moving on, a feature for music from Teamworx, Timmy Trumpet and recent collaborator KURA makes its presence felt before we’re led to something fresh off MR.BLACK’s production desk as the veteran producer features his Swedish House Mafia Tribute mix. A heartfelt tribute to the legends of Dance music, MR.BLACK’s mix is a sure thing to behold as it features some of SHM’s biggest hits till date.

While some surprises do make it into the final mix, most of the music from MR.BLACK’s production desk is well within the range of recognition as we sift through some of his recent works, including the towering ‘Doonka‘ which has got a fresh psy-edit of its own. As the mix heads towards a satisfying end, music from fellow Israeli producer ROYA and one of MR.BLACK’s alter-ego’s – WARRIORS – does its due before none other than a track from Vini Vici calls the final curtains for what has been a wonderful addition to our list of mixes. Stay tuned for more music!

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