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Sitting on a gold mine

W&W reveal new music under trance alias NWYR

Home Uncategorized W&W reveal new music under trance alias NWYR

Sitting on a gold mine of tune and putting plenty on display over both weekends of Tomorrowland, W&W have been working on something even more massive outside their main project. Both Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst who make up the dutch duo unsurprisingly originated producing in the trance genre, where they have taken their talents on a side project outside of W&W under the name NWYR (pronounced “New Year”).

Similar to Eric Prydz and Deadmau5 the duo have re-entered the trance game and it’s no surprise that the duo have been testing their music live. W&W’s sets over the two weekends both included NWYR tunes and Tomorrowland proved to be a perfect showcase of the tunes as the festival goers rejoiced over the duos set. From ID’s to fully named tunes, in the most recent episode of W&W’s Mainstage Radio, the duo finally revealed a little material fans of the dutchmen can get excited for. While news on the discography is starting to develop a little further, for those that haven’t listened to the latest episode – our friends over at 1001tracklists give us a little help revealing a few more details on the duo’s new music here.

What we know – the project currently has a tune entitled ‘Time Spiral‘, yet to be released, a collaboration in the works with contemporary and legendary trance producer Armin Van Buuren and an ever curious ID. While the ID may not technically be under NWYR, it does seem like it belongs to the duo, however until there is more definable information revealed no further assumption can be made. While W&W sure have a lot to focus on with their main project, their side project certainly seems to be heating up. After seeing Eric Prydz tour under his alias Cirez D, I’m sure W&W have high hopes for what they can accomplish with NWYR.

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