Zedd teases new collaboration with Katy Perry

Continuing his perpetual place on the charts, Zedd has been a commonplace name amongst some of the hottest chart-toppers throughout 2018. Riding out his success with Maren Morris & Grey on ‘The Middle‘, the tune has registered 30 weeks on top of the Billboard’s Hot Dance and Electronic charts. In fact, the only rivals to come close to the songs record run atop the charts: The Chainsmokers‘ ‘Closer’ featuring Halsey which led for 27 weeks in 2016-17 and Avicii’sWake Me Up!‘ with 26 weeks at No.1 in 2013-14.

Although still holding the #1 spot per Billboard’s Hot Dance and Electronic charts, the tune has recently fallen out of Spotify’s Global Top 50 playlist after nearly 28 weeks within it’s ranks. However, Zedd always finds a way to stay amongst the heavy hitters – as ‘The Middle‘ grew closer to sliding off the charting, Zedd’s most recent release, ‘Happy Now‘ debuted, placing in an almost identical position to where the former tune held most of it’s time within Spotify’s ever popular playlist (for those wondering, ‘Happy Now‘ currently sits at #28 amongst the playlist).

Connecting all the recent statistics to his hit-making, in a recent Twitter post, Anton talked highly of his past two weeks touring in Australia and New Zealand with the pop sensation Katy Perry. Amongst the short recap video he posted, a rather lengthy shot and several cuts give a glimpse into the duo’s work in the studio. Looking lively and completely in touch with their creative spirits, this can only point to signs of a (hopefully) soon to come collaboration between the two. Amongst their collective work with former hitmakers, both Zedd and Katy Perry surely have yet another impending chart-topper on the horizon!