Alesso & Conor Maynard preform on Good Morning America

After a packed week for Swedish superstar Alesso, the Electric Zoo headliner took to Good Morning America with guest and collaborator Conor Maynard. Coming fresh-faced off an interview to the NY Post in which the Swede opened up about fellow countryman and late-friend Avicii, Alesso seems to have gotten a lot accomplished while visiting the big apple. The duo who capped off GMA’s final performance of their summer concert series performed their new pop hit, ‘Remedy‘, as well as a couple other Alesso hits including his ‘If I Lose Myself‘ to an ecstatic GMA crowd.



In a prior interview to the performance, Alesso attributes his on-stage energy to simply getting enough “sleep”. His quaint and direct answer follows into a question of which artists he’d like to work with. In a long list of artists that GMA listed including, “Usher, David Guetta, One Republic, Post Malone and Halsey” one particular artist was among the bunch that he hasn’t worked with just yet, however, he did mention he would love to work with them in the future. That artist being Post Malone. While Good Morning America seemed to have overlooked that little bit, that minor mistake certainly led to an answer several fans would love to indulge in. Maybe the GMA performance may have put Alesso on Post Malone’s radar. Only time will tell. In the meantime, take a listen back to the brief interview in the lead up to his performance below.