Alesso delivers stunning music video for ‘Remedy’

Swedish prodigy Alesso recently released a mesmerizing record titled “Remedy”. Following his latest release “Is That For Me” with Anitta, Alesso conjured up an open, dreamy single loaded with good vibes. With gentle lyrics, and a soft piano line, the spacey collaboration has already received massive support from fans. The music video has only been up for a day and already has racked up more than 2 million views. The video follows a space martian who lands on earth and goes about exploring Earth, eventually finding one of his own kind.

Featuring picturesque visuals, the video takes place in what looks like the American southwest. The premise of the video is how an extraterrestrial boy searches for a neon green vinyl, emblazoned with Alesso’s logo. He needs this in order to reboot his UFO that has crash landed on Earth. He finds a fellow green martian at a DJ party and eventually leaves with his comrade back to the spaceship.

Following the announcement of his global recording contract with Universal, “Remedy” marks his debut release on Universal Music Group’s 10:22 pm imprint. The video is directed by Shots Studio based out of Los Angeles. The video is directed by Rudy Mancuso.  The past few months have been very exciting for Alesso, with landmark shows and huge support from fans everywhere, his reach is the biggest its ever been.

Check out the music video for his groovy new single “Remedy” below!